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About us

We, at Prakash Carpets, provide with the best quality exotic carpets made from resources bought from all over the world. Being manufacturer, exporter, importer, wholesaler and also a retailer in the market, we are a known name in the carpet industry.

Made in the best Machines of Cobble, we manufacture a large part of Loop-Pile, Acrylic  and Cut-Pile Carpets in the Indian Market at very affordable rates whipping up new designs and products now and then.

We entered into the industry in 1986 and since then the demand of products and so the variety has changed at a very large scale and so have we. With innovative, beautiful products we have tried to keep up with the times providing exquisite carpets right at the customer’s  doorstep! We are a growing company, based in India, taking carpet and related products to an International Level!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Often, we can be seen at the International Exhibitions of Domotex, Heimtex and HGH in India and Abroad.We have been a regular suppliers to all the known Gurudwaras and auditoriums in Delhi and other states. Most of the cinema theatres in Delhi don their floor with our variety of carpets.

In 2016, The prestigious Rashtrapati Bhavan was decorated with our beautiful red carpet for the Republic day and Martyr day celebrations. We have been a regular supplier of a variety of carpets to government for their various functions and fairs.

We love to serve everyone with the best quality carpets at very reasonable prices. And people travel million kilometers to buy from us only. Because that’s the bond we share with our customers. And we think that the bond works only because we serve quality with honesty.

So we would love to hear from you and make your life colorful with the beautiful carpets. Hope to see you also soon at the office.


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